Wednesday, April 20, 2011

put on a smile


today's song is one that you listen to when you are angry.  well I don't get angry often but when I am having a bad day at work I flip on this YouTube and it always makes me smile.  opps there is your first hint.

yeah smile is a big hint

but really it is what the smile does

the song is one you all know

my favorite version of the song and the one on the YouTube video is actually a commercial

a commercial for diapers of all things.

got it now??  I bet you do.

yeah the song is don't worry be happy and this version makes me smile I dare you not to smile as you watch the video.

the photo is of a clay sculpture we have in our living room.  I loved the way the light was shining up on his face but to make it more interesting I added a texture by bliss and holly to it

ok now you all have a happy day!!!!!


  1. Your clay sculpture is so cool! Did you make it? Love the photo.

  2. This commercial is adorable... ALMOST makes me want to use disposable diapers. LOL!!!

  3. Ha! I've never seen that commercial. Cute! Now I'm going to sing that song all day. Not that that's a bad thing.


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