Thursday, April 21, 2011



hmm what do combat boots and dancing have in common.  well my next song on my list.

 How are you doing with the guessing so far???

today's song is one that makes you want to dance.

now this is a really old song

the song was released in 1966 just a year after I was born but somewhere along the way it really stuck in my head.

the singer is the daughter of someone famous

the boots I used are combat boots.  A pair of my husbands boots that he kept after he retired last year from the air national guard.  these boots have seen a lot of walking.

ok now that surely gave you the answer.... well unless you are way younger then me maybe.

the song is by Nancy Sinatra called these boots were made for walking.  check out the video and the boots she has on aren't they starting to come back in style??  and you thought the girls wore short skirts now!!! I wonder if this was a controversial video when it came out???

Sometimes a mistake can turn out ok.  the picture like I mentioned was a pair of my husbands old boots but I beefed it up heavily with textures. I wanted to portray old and tired boots so went heavy with a shadowhouse texture and then thought it reminded me of all the soldiers away from their families and how they wrote home so added a bliss and folly script texture.  while unmasking a section of the boot I slipped and it caused a whitish are and I really liked that effect so continued to highlight around the boot to give it a little more of a feel. 


  1. I like this picture, but the way the tops fold, they almost look like 2 right feet :) or maybe it's me, since my MR son always puts his shoes on the wrong feet, lol.
    - ourhometoyours

  2. Love this song! Always have, always will.

  3. Yeah I got one! though I didn't know who sang it. :) I like the boots picture.

  4. Ha! I finally got one - artist and song! Yea me :-)


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