Monday, January 20, 2014

south of the border

We tried a bit of a different vacation this year.  Headed out of the gloomy skies of Spokane to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for a week in the sun and warmth.  The difference is we made no plans other than where we were staying.  No planned trips no extensive research on what to do.  Nothing   Yeah that is so unlike me.  But I had a rough year last year very stressful so we decided to just go and have fun.

We flew out on a cold day, praying the whole way to the airport that we wouldn't get stuck here and not get in an accident on the foggy and slick roads.  First time I had to fly out on a plane that needed deicing too.

Once airborne I felt much better.  A brief stop in Seattle then a stop in LA and we arrived

This was the view from our room at Los Arcos an all inclusive resort right on the beach and extremely affordable especially since we were booked in with a group.

i have to say the bathroom was so dang cute.  I have to share the sink.

we had such a relaxing time it was just what the doctor ordered.  thought about para sailing but never got around to it  looked like fun though, next time.

I read 5 books while gone that's how relaxing it was.  Didn't get sun burned (neither did Dave thankfully) we had umbrellas at the beach but ended up with a nice glow. A view of our beach area and hotel.

just a short walk from our hotel was a beautiful pier that was built a year ago

the night we arrived they had a firework celebration.  Nice of them to do that for our arrival I thought. well it was actually the anniversary for the pier

the vendors that came through the beach area were not pushy though they did come around many times.  My favorite was the nut man. yummy

we had one cloudy and a bit rainy day but it still beat Spokane.  It just meant I read more in my book

the food was good and they even put on a little bit of a show.  At the side cafe several in the group ordered Mexican coffee.  It has ice cream in it and liquor that is lit on fire

this is them preparing to the alcohol (actually was for my banana foster but same procedure)

and ends with a cherry on top

and at night the sunsets were always great

will share a few more pictures in upcoming posts.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bayview Eagles

Its a tradition that every New Year's Day we go visit the eagles in Idaho that come there to eat off the salmon.  they are usually only there about a month starting in December and ending just after New Years.  Normally we go to Coeur'd Alene near wolf lodge bay but this year we went a little further.  we went to Bayview Idaho and we weren't disappointed.

this was my favorite shot:

I only have a 105 and this was cropped down from the original shot.

can you spot the eagle in this shot? shows off some of the town too

bayview sits on Lake Pend Oreille which also is home to a Navy research center they use to do a lot of submarine testing there not sure if they still do or not but legend says this lake has a few spots where they have not been able to find the bottom with the echo testing

here is a close up of one of the navy's research sites:

the eagle has landed well just about

I just can't get enough of these creatures they are amazing to see.  if you ever get a chance to see one even in captivity do it!!!

this looks like a juvenile

ok enough with the eagles right?  more on my flickr page if you go there.

but back to the town of bayview a small quaint town that looks like a beautiful place to live.  Would hate to see the prices for the homes though with that kind of view.

now this house boat is one I would LOVE to live in

nature is good

Thursday, October 3, 2013

after race, clean up and a nice dinner my race partner needed to rest I got restless so I went for a walk.  Yeah I know i just did 21 miles I must be insane but just outside our bed and breakfast was a beautiful place

california 2013-40
do you spot them?

california 2013-33

yep those are sea lions basking in the daylight
california 2013-31

just across the street from where we were staying!!!!
california 2013-35

so I walked along the rocky shore for a while
california 2013-37

california 2013-36

i fell in love with this tree
california 2013-41

this is where we stayed such a charming place.
california 2013-42

lastly a few more shots of monterey
california 2013-3

california 2013-5

california 2013-4

don't even ask what that white stuff is
california 2013-19

we took a quick ride down to carmel to see the sites
california 2013-26

that is the world famous golf course
california 2013-27

beautiful beach
california 2013-29

i love these trees
california 2013-28

even a banner for the race we came to do
california 2013-30

and then it was time to head home.  I made it past security with only a few glaces by now my face is so swollen i joked with coworkers the next day about our other coworker that came with me saying she gets a little angry when she doesn't get her coffee in the morning. hahaha

ever take photos from the air?  here are a few I took this trip

california 2013-43

california 2013-1

california 2013-2
i love this shot too
california 2013-44

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Monterey Aquarium

while in Monterey for the big sur 21 miler we had time to go to the aquarium.  I haven't been there since i was a small child.  And loved it then and it didn't disappoint this trip either

 the big draw was the jellyfish and the seahorse exhibits.

they had all kinds of jellyfish like this neon jellyfish
california 2013-16

the moon jellyfish are one of my favorites

california 2013-15

these actually looked like spaceships in outer space

california 2013-14

they had many varieties most of which I don't remember the names of

california 2013-13

this is one of my favorite shots of them.  Its hard to get a really good shot with all the glass but this one made me happy

california 2013-12

california 2013-11

do you get the picture that they fascinate me?
california 2013-10

then came the seahorses.  so delicate so precious

california 2013-9

my husbands personal favorite

california 2013-8

california 2013-7

and for a last shot on seahorses:

california 2013-6

and of course there were sharks
california 2013-17

weird and ugly fish
california 2013-18

the penguins were just not very social today and this was my favorite shot it made me feel sad for them.  on display for so long that must get frustrating.

california 2013-21

this was cool to see.  I have never seen anything but dead sand dollars
california 2013-22

and this shot made me hungry

california 2013-23

if you ever get to monterey GO to the aquarium there is so much more than this there and it really is a wonderful aquarium.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

big sur 21 miler

Going back in time a bit since I wasn't blogging much for a few months earlier this year.  My big race, the one I trained for since January till April was a destination race that took place in Big Sur California   I was doing the most mileage I had done ever 21 miles just short of a half by 6 miles but since the marathon was already full when I registered the 21 did the trick.

the race takes place along highway 1 a very scenic highway drive along the pacific coast.  One of the few times the highway is shut down and it is so worth the opportunity to do this run even with all the hills.  the race usually sells out shortly after it opens too

early early in the morning you are bused to the starting point and it is pretty cold.  we kept warm with some garbage bags and extra layers of clothes


but as the race progressed the sun was shining

well mostly there were spots that were cloudy and windy but gorgeous.  sites you can't see in a car no matter what becuase there are no turn outs.


a very well supported race with tons of entertainment along the way


one of my favorite things was the mile markers  this was our mile marker 5 since the full people started at 1 and the 21 milers started near their marker 5   this was one of my favorites because it was the start of a KILLER long hill to hurricane ridge


more beauty along the way

from the top of the hill you can places we had been


at this point I was going strong I was way ahead of my anticipated pace being a slow walk / runner I was hoping for a 430 finish at this point I was doing strong with a 4 hour finish in tack.  note the face in the picture for future refrence

because the boston bombing was just prior to this and because there is a special recognition for people that run the boston marathon and the big sur marathon called the boston to big sur challenge there was army national guard stationed along the way.  they gave out our time as we passed  


i could have taken a million pictures
big sur-3

next up was one of the highlights of the race.  for the full marathoners it is the half way point

the famous piano music that you can hear for what seems like forever


this one made me laugh

but it was shortly after this one that was my downfall

while beautiful scenery was around us


I had a runner come up on my left which in this race is the slow person side and trip me up I don't think he even realized he did it.  But I did a double somersault and a face plant.  scraping up my right shoulder then both my knees then my face.  It took a pretty bad hit though I really didn't know it   several people stopped to help and I continued on till I got to the aid station.  took 10 minutes there to get cleaned up and make sure I didn't need stitches.  they asked if i wanted to finish the race.  HECK no I didn't train this hard to have this stop me.


so that fall made me think this was my favorite mile marker

and this made me think hmmm someone didn't listen


but I continued on it wasn't until I was at my mile 15 that my back started hurting and I slowed my pace.  I ended up with a 5:06 but thought it was best I didn't push to hard I did want to finish


and sooner then i thought carmel was in site
big sur-4


The face looks pretty good at this point it was the next day that my eye swelled shut and my had became enlarged but it was worth it   I think the next time I do this race I will do the full but that is going to have to wait a few years 26 miles is a lot of training heck 21 was and the fall cost me lots of downtown after the race healing

afterwards we went for a nice dinner and a well deserved drink.  my running buddy was sure people must have thought we got into a fight lol

big sur-6

a day or so later it looked even worse and even now I have a bit of a scar but I was lucky I didn't get a concussion or something worse and that was my first fall ever of course since then I have fallen a few more times ugh lets hope that isn't a new trend.

big sur-5