Saturday, February 25, 2012

February Robin

confused robin 2012

Poor little robin confused in all the snow today.

We got about 4 inches or more of snow today and saw this little robin sitting in the tree making a pitiful chirp.  Just yesterday the yard was full of robins singing for spring.  today with the wind, cold and snow they weren't so happy.

today was our Team run thought about sleeping in and skipping but Cancer doesn't sleep and patients don't get a reprieve so why should I.  It was a cold windy and snowy day run but I managed to do make it.  Didn't realize how much a snowflake could sting.


  1. Nice photo of the robin. Good for you for getting out there and running in the snow! I always feel proud of myself for running in bad weather - you feel great (and kind of badass) when you're done!

  2. I love how the color on birds pop out against the snow-Such a great picture and of course one of my favorite birds. Keep on keeping on and watch out for those stinging snowflakes :)

  3. We had a whole gang of robins in the yard last week. I'm thinking they've found a better place to hide out, since the weather turned colder. Great shot of your early sping visitor.

  4. Very nice capture of the robin...I need to work on getting a good photo of a robin. It is almost a shame with how many there are of them and I don't have even a half decent shot of one.


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