Monday, March 12, 2012

where does your road lead you?

its been a while since I posted I can make lots of excuses but basically winter blahs.  I did figure out what I really love to post is places I go.  So finally we headed out of town recently and hit the road.  spent a long weekend away.  it felt so good and so rejuvenating.

This was shot from the car going 70 on a grayish day headed to Seattle.  I loved how the light was hitting the cascade mountains.


It reminded me of the anticipation of where the road was taking me.   It also reminded me of all the places I and things I see everyday.  I think each day is a new road of an adventure.

where does your road lead?


  1. Beautiful picture. The beauty of creation never stops blessing.

  2. Like the photos on your new header. Lately my road's been leading me to the mountain to go skiing! :) But I've got a half marathon to run in a month, so I need to be hitting the road more with my feet, and not my skis!

  3. Beautiful picture. Not sure where my road is leading lately....hopefully someplace good in the end.

  4. I like your new header too. and that is an awesome picture. my road took me and hubby for a ride on our bike after prayer meeting. I didn't take my camera this time, just enjoyed the ride!


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