Saturday, July 9, 2011

heading out on the highway

ok so I can't sing, never been accused of coming close but I hear this tune in my head and I am not a big judus priest fan either in fact after I pulled up the video I was like ewww not adding that to my blog.  anyhow.

we had a fun drive from lewiston Idaho to missoula Washington recently  216 miles of twisty turny road that apparently is highly rated for motorcyclists. we drove it in a car and just imagined we were on a motorcycle with a sidecar of course.  at least according to this website:

this was shot from the car and basically shows the gist of it.  many miles of road, river, moutains and beauty
lewiston to missoula july 2011_1780

near the end you hit the summit at lolo pass a great stopping point to get out and stretch and you may even see snow in July!!!!

lewiston to missoula july 2011_1788

at this point you head down the mountain and the water starts going the same direction you do.  almost to missoula!!!


  1. so pretty. we have a stretch here on the Blue Ridge Parkway that looks similar. Or going down to Lynville Caverns. And riding a bike is a great way to enjoy these views. :)

  2. That first picture looks just like a spot about an hour from my house. You kind of forget what lives in your backyard when you're so close!


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