Friday, July 8, 2011

guns and wolves

what do they have in common besides the obvious??? what to know something more ironic?? in winchester, Idaho (Idaho being the state that has it out for wolves and allows killing of them at certain times) there is a great little non-profit stop called the wolf education and research center.  about a 40 minute drive from lewiston and for 5.00 a head and a short walking distance you could be seeing a wolf.

imagine a wolf in the grass seeing you and you not seeing it.  that is what we did

lewiston july 2011_1751
we did not see one unfortunetly it was hot they had eaten (they eat on friday mornings) in the morning and were off hiding in the brush chewing on bones no doubt. 

this place is dedicated to educating the public about wolves and caring for the last few members of the sawtooth wolf pack born in captivity and now able to live as if they should have in the wild.  yes there are caged but they are contained in many acres in the forest surrounded by nature and other wildlife. 

this door was carved for the information center isn't it gorgeous?
lewiston july 2011_1762

I did get a kick out of the sign that was above the city street in Winchester population less then 1000. 

lewiston july 2011_1766

I did get a kick out of the young gal interning there all the way from New Jersey.  Now that is dedication!!! from the big city to the very very very little city of Winchester. 

so please anyone visiting the area please try to make it to this little stop and learn a little and maybe just maybe you will be looking into the eyes of wolf


  1. That sign is awesome! I like small towns. To visit. :)


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