Thursday, July 7, 2011

canola obsessed

lewiston july 2011_1743

yes it really is canola.  remember the post from june 27th?  I wasn't sure what it was but it has been confirmed it is canola.  and guess what here it is again!!!!  yes I think this qualifies as beeing obsessed and not just a dork as some would say. 

what is canola you ask??  well according to wikipedia it is:
Canola refers to a cultivar of either Rapeseed or Field Mustard  Their seeds are used to produce edible oil that is fit for human consumption because it has lower levels of erucic acid than traditional rapeseed oils and to produce livestock feed because it has reduced levels of the toxic glucosinolates

driving to Lewiston we passed a lot of this.  this was shot from the moving car.  we were on a mission to get to lewiston to get a good nights sleep.  the next day we were suppose to go ballooning but...... the air currents were not right or somethign like that so it was cancelled.  we made the best of our anniversary day and found other things to do like relax and see tomorrow's post for what else we did.


  1. What a gorgeous photograph this is!

  2. Like I said on your other post, we have tons of canola fields around here and as a kid I thought they were fields of dandelions. I couldn't figure out why a farmer would plant a field of them when my parents were always trying to get rid of them...
    I like the colours in this one.


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