Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the codger pole

first order of business I have found out what that flower was a few days ago.  check out what it is and who figured it out for me back on teh orignal post here

lewiston july 2011_1738

ever go through a little town and stop to gas up or eat and find a gem of a story??? well on our way to lewiston, idaho we stopped into Colfax, washington.  I love crazy little things like this and we would get no where if my husband wasn't with me because I would be stopping at all those side attractions.  yes i would probably go out of my way to see a giant ball of twine. hahaha.  anyhow passing this on you can read the story on the last picture.

lewiston july 2011_1741

the story of the codger pole: 

lewiston july 2011_1742


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