Sunday, March 20, 2011

First day of spring


YEAH its spring.  at least according to the calendar.  It has been a long winter for most of the US and I for one am soooo ready for spring. 

I actually took this picture the first weekend of March but thought it was better served on this day.


  1. Beautiful photo. I love the contrast of the ground with the new green shoots. Sometimes I ache for spring - and as soon as I see my bulbs start to emerge from the ground, I feel like celebrating.

    Thanks for stopping by my Blog. Alot of people do think that hydrangeas are "old lady" flowers, but there are so many varieties nowadays - beautiful white lace-cap ones that are aptly described. Where I grew up on a farm, we had volcanic acidic (red) soil and the hydrangeas we had there were an incredible blue. So soothing to look at. Where I live now, we have alkaline soil, hence the pink of my hydrangeas. Now that it is autumn, the flowers have dried on the plant and look amazing. I should get out and photograph them before I turn into an old lady LOL!!

  2. You can change the colour of some varieties of hydrangea - if you have a moment, have a look at this link which explains how: Scroll down the page a little for all the info. I find it fascinating that you change a flower colour just by doing something so simple.


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