Thursday, March 31, 2011

feel the music


I have always felt music should be felt not just heard.  Music is so much more then the sound of a voice and instruments.  A musician creates from the soul.  a talent I think that you are either born with or not born with. I was not born with it but I can see the beauty in almost every kind of music there is.  You can hear the words, and the sounds of the instruments but until you feel the music you don't really experience the music the way the artist envisioned their creation. 

My son is a drummer and a pretty good one at that and I don't say that because I am his mom.  he played in a band for a long time but currently just plays for fun because he is young and life is to busy with work and his business adventures.  But he will always have music in his life.  this is a picture of him a couple of years ago.  sadly the only one I have of him playing outside of the house.  And really not a good picture so altering it with layers, masks and words I feel like it brought it a new life. 

this picture also leads me into a new month.  April is going to be song month.  Alissa at Have Stroller will travel has challenged  a few of us to post to our blogs with a line up of some of favorite songs and such. the blog roll to the right of this post shows those playing.  please check them out.   if you would like to take part please let us know and we will add you to our blog roll.

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