Friday, April 1, 2011

favorite song

happy April!!!!!   everyone ready for something a bit different?  maybe some springtime?  I sure am especially some sunshine.  this month I am participating in a blog hop of songs and what they represent to us.  some of the themes have been challenging for me.  Your quest is to guess the song from the picture I have posted.  And please check out the blog list to the right for some more fun with songs.

walking on sunshine

so what is your first guess to this song?

I had this song in my head for weeks trying to take a picture for it was another challenge.  with nothing but cloudy, rainy or snowy days it was impossible.  Finally March 26 I got a quick chance to take the shot and my reluctant husband indulged me for a moment. ONLY a moment though so one quick shot is all I got.

along the way I will give you clues and then at the end of the post I will put the answer with a copy of the song if possible. 

so this obviously has something to do with feet.

something to do with sunshine or shadows.

this is my favorite song of all time because it gets up and going and I just can't help myself I feel like dancing to it. 

its an older song 80's I think

group is katrina and waves  ....... got it now?  I think its a one hit wonder

Walking on Sunshine

what is your favorite song? 
see you tomorrow for my least favorite song.


  1. I LOVE this song too and almost used it for another day! Crazy. BTW -- fantastic photo-clue idea!

  2. Hello fellow photo-blogger! I was incredibly curious to how you would tie in your photo(s) to your song choice ... so very clever! :)

  3. Love the way the photo ties into the song. Excellent!

  4. This song always makes me think of the movie "High Fidelity" when Jack Black bursts through the record shop doors with his Monday Morning Tape:

  5. I like that song too because it is so cheerful!


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