Friday, July 9, 2010

walters wiggles in zion national park

 zion park a great place to hike or just enjoy the beauty of it.  we are just a little ways on our trail at this point its around 8 am and the sun is peeking through.  NOTE we are so happy we left at this time in the morning. 

Destination Angels landing a 5 and half mile round trip. 

another view from the trail looking the other direction.  thankfully the trail is mostly paved so its easy going. hahaha well no boulder climbing at least

destination.  well only about 1/3 of the way as we find out.  can you spot any people?  lower center in the blue are the easiest to spot they get smaller after that.

part of the trail we have accomplished.  we started across the river just past where the river ends in this shot.

we are now at the top where I showed you was part of destination.  wow we thought that was tough but those switchbacks weren't bad.  we THOUGHT this was Walters wiggles.  we were wrong.

this is our payoff at this point.  hubby carried the pack with our bottles of water which we were very thankful for later on.

refrigerator canyon.  They call it that because it is nice and cool and much needed after hiking in the sun.  luckily we were not to hot since we left earlier.  when we came down the mountain, yes you have to go down the way you came up, we saw at least 100 people going up at 1 in the afternoon.  crazy. 

we made it to the wiggles.  a set of 21 switchbacks that are steep very steep.  this is a shot looking up you can see the person in the blue jacket is about mid way.  we are not use to this elevation and it really takes your breath away. lol

you have arrived!!!! (in my GPS voice)  that is the top of Walters wiggles.  we made it and neither of us old people had a heart attack.  lol  but this was only the destination for today's post.  and only about 2/3rd of the way to angels landing our ultimate destination.  to say you made it this far is a great feat. 

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