Saturday, July 10, 2010

scouts landing

almost there.  this is scouts landing.  over 5000 feet up what a view.  This is also where we saw the condor in an earlier post. 

proof I made it this far

the red rock canyon is a beauty.  I have a cousin that lives in Florida that vacations here every year and has been telling me about the beauty for a long time.  I am so glad I finally took a few days to get here. 

watch that edge Dave

doesn't look so bad right?  well that was my next stop around that outcropping and the chains are there for a reason.  because this is what is below them

well after navigating these chains I thought we were at the top. NOPE wrong again.

but what a view.  see that trail to the left that leads to the top.  and that is tomorrows adventure.

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