Thursday, July 8, 2010

golden grass

wheat the golden grass. well not quite golden yet but getting there.

the fields in eastern Washington produce great colorful seas of grass. If you ever get a chance get out of the car and stand close to a wheat field.
first : listen for the slight sound as the wind moves the wheat. the rustle is a beautiful sound. second: get down close and look at the unusual looking plant amazing this could feed so many. it is not somethign you would think you could ever eat.
lastly: stand up and watch the winds gently push the blades and it looks like a sea of waving back at you.
this is america!!!!

who said farm land isn't beautiful?
coming up hope to make a day trip to another beautiful place like this and more from Zion and a few other surprises along the way.
thanks to all my viewers both through a blog viewer and those that open the page up. it keeps me going with practicing my hobby learning from my mistakes.

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  1. I agree - farm land is REALLY beautiful! Love how you captured that one stalk taller than all the others! Perfect!


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