Sunday, April 25, 2010

yucca in the yard

well the alphabet blog hop is almost over the time has gone really fast. And been inspiring. hope you have enjoyed it.
The yucca is a transplant. Last weekend my neighbor got rid of many of her yucca's I had my dad come take about a half dozen for his front yard a section that doesn't grow anything and they are thriving so far. My trouble spots are on my rock wall having trouble with getting to many plants to survive there so trying out a few. one side they are doing ok but the other side not so good. this one just may make it though lets hope. My goal is for a yard with little to no care but still look good.

May in Spokane is the lilac month our city flower and the namesake for our festival and parades. mine are starting to bloom YEAH. I have young ones they still need a few years to grow up but I can wait. it was windy today so this was the best shot of the bunch. happy with the background at least


  1. Great Y photo! It has been a very fun challenge... So what are we doing next? How about colours of the rainbow (1 colour a week): red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple?

  2. Good choice - you sure have stuck with it! (I wonder what you will do after Z!)


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