Saturday, April 24, 2010

x marks the spot

x was a tough one but then came home to this today and it hit me. this is our mysterious crop circle as we call it. when we leave home we come home to this mysterious pile of pillows not every time but most times. the pillows normally belong on the window seat one on each end.
One day i had left and my husband was asleep in the other room. the dog thought we were both gone apparently. Shortly after I pulled out of the drive way he had taken one pillow down already and my husband came out of the room catching him in the act of pulling the second one down and putting it on top of the first. they are a good 6 feet away from the window and he has to go around a set of small tables to get them there. it amuses us to no end and always puts a smile on our face when we come home to this


  1. That is so funny! Why don't I have a personal crop circle??? Don't pets make life interesting?


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