Sunday, January 17, 2010

8 productive day

had about 8 hours to scrapbook today and as you recall yesterday I had my stack of pre-made layouts that I was going to add pictures too I finished about 30 of those still have probably 80 left. I thought I could get more done hahaha but then you know you have to stop and look at the picture too. I also made about 12 more layouts that because what I had didn't fit. those layouts were NOT as fancy as my pre-made layouts. but i am now at least 3/4Th's of the way through this particular year. yeah
this is one of the pre-made layouts that was my one of my favorites. It was from when we got our newest dog Duncan. the star of many of my posts. That was may of 2006 that we got him and at the time we still had our "old man" storm. Another westie that was 17 at the time. the picture on the left page with Duncan under storm's head is one of my favorites. We had to put storm down September 11Th of that year. He was a good dog and will forever be in our hearts.

12 x 12 pages are tough to photograph that is for sure. I know you can photograph them separately and then stitch them together in photoshop but I am too lazy or just don't want to take the time for that. I did take most of the pages pictures and will be loading into my card/craft blog in the next few days.

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  1. Beautiful page - what a wonderful way to remember Storm! (and have you noticed that Storm taught Duncan how to properly BE your dog? We think our older dog has taught the puppy a lot!)


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