Saturday, January 9, 2010

2 flicker

well I am not starting the year out very good am I? well I will keep at it. This morning we had a little visitor a flicker at least that is what I think it is. They are similar to a woodpecker I believe.
I was rather pleased at how sharp he came in after I blew him up. Taken with only a 105mm lens and through a window. not on a try pod and on my tippy toes.

This was my husbands favorite shots. I had to laugh because it happened as I was standing on my tippy toes trying to get tot he top of the window because the bottom section has a screen that runs through it. so while I was trying to do that I fogged up the window a bit. Guess that is one way to get a fog effect. yes yes I am short and I know it but I make do


  1. Those are terrific! Amazing that you got such crisp photos on your tippy toes! That foggy window is a marvelous effect - that will be fun to play with!

  2. These are wonderful pictures- especially since you were on your tip toes. :)

  3. Good shots, especially since you weren't so close! I, too, like the fog effect... gotta love happy accidents :)

  4. Tippy toe shots aren't easy! Great job with it! I love the frosted window effect too. Makes it look even colder, and makes th ebird feeder really pop!


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