Sunday, January 3, 2010

1 eagles

New year and a new blog. Didn't start out so great since I was down with the stomach flu for new years eve and well new years day was pretty dang tired. But since it was the last time we could make the drive over to Idaho and the sun was shining (at least here it was) we headed out for the hour drive. We got there just in time for gray skis and rain. ugh. They were flying we must have seen 20 or so eagles but the sky was not with us and my shots are lousy. Was to tired to make the hike around the island but at least we got there it is our annual tradition.

Eagles are so huge until you see one within a few feet you can't realize it.
every year for about 3 or 4 weeks they flock to wolf creek bay in couer d' Alene to feed. normally this is about the firs week before Christmas through new years but the last two years their numbers have dwindled after Christmas. It has been our new years day tradition for many years so I think we may have to change that to Christmas weekend.


  1. What beautiful pictures of the eagles. I like the tradition of going to see them!

  2. AMazing photos! WOW! (SOrry you were sick - hope you are all better now.)

  3. such amazing photos!

  4. Hope you are feeling better! That is about hte worst thing to come down with! Beautiful pics of the eagles. I would love to see some in the wild like that!


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