Saturday, January 2, 2010


well I am late posting this because my husband decided to share the stomach virus he had last week with me. late Wednesday night and all day new years eve I was down for the count. still was not doing well new years day but did manage to get out for a little bit. I don't recommend this as a weight loss program but its working.

So needless to say no picture for the end of my blog for this year. So instead I am going to showcase my favorite days from the year though they may not be my favorite shots they are my favorites.

What have I learned: that I hate taking pictures of myself (grew tired of that) that I am not good at uploading on a daily basis, that I was very lucky to travel a lot this year, that I have met some great bloggers along the way.

I plan on continuing this next year but not going to label it 365 like I did this year so I don't have to stress about getting a picture up the same day. I do plan on sharing tips, techniques and make it more of a learning process for me as well as my readers.

thanks everyone and now on to the favorite:


I love this shot of the fence in the bitter cold and the snow

this is my favorite shot of me


I adore this shot of my beautiful niece

one of my fun trips to Vegas with an unexpected surprise of seeing another niece.

I love lilacs. Spokane is after all the Lilac city

a storm brewing in Utah

while technically in June I uploaded once we got home in July. some pictures of our Canada trip.

this was just a fun family thing cell phone cheers

our trip to the Olympic national forest and a surprise whale visit.

Benji my sister in law in Texas's dog during our visit. our new buddy.

new camera and learning new things like kelvin. YEAH love this shot

and of course my favorite subject when I had no other subject to take our Duncan.

thanks everyone looking forward to reading more blogs on 365 and learning new things in 2010

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  1. Great idea for your end of the year blog! I think you have a creative eye and your photos are marvelous - glad you are continuing!


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