Monday, September 21, 2009

263/365 sept 20

Last day of glass. I think the hardest part of the class was trying to come up with an idea for what we want to do. After I did my Frit piece above and placed it to be fired I wished I would have added some blue for the sky oh well wait and see it might turn out better then i thought. this was a piece using different small sizes of small bits of glass. I chose not to use the fine powder on mine. this will not come up to a full fuse so it will be interesting to see what happens.

My husband chose a design with some deep purple powder and the glass bits will actually turn purple. I think it will turn out awesome.
the next few pieces are experimenting with different metals. Like this piece of mine with copper wire black (hopefully) confetti glass (very thin) and some gold foil.

this is another piece of mine done with confetti, bronze leafing (very thin) the confetti should create some different colors mixed with the bronze leafing.
My husbands piece he chose to use gold foil, wire and I think he has some bronze in there too.

bronze leaving, silver leaving, silver wire and glass stringers
fun with metallic paints, mica flakes and powder.

Not sure how my paint piece will ever turn out I don't really like the look of it right now.

this is the last we saw of these pieces until next week sometime.

We really loved the class. So much so we are getting a mini kiln ourselves and will hope to work on some stuff together. It will be nice to have a hobby we can do together.


  1. Those pieces are AMAZING! You guys are so talented I think getting a kiln is a great idea! (I wish I was on your Christmas gift list!)

  2. These are so creative. I think if I took the class I would spend all my time just trying to figure out where to put pieces and what colors. These are great, can't wait to see the finished pieces!


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