Saturday, September 26, 2009

264/365 September 21 removing the beast

Since we have moved into this house around 7 years ago this large chest freezer that has to be at least 30 years old (covered in that old contact paper haha) has been in the storage area under the stairs. It still works and we used it at first but its a huge energy hog and with just the three of us its silly and hard to stock it. So it stayed in its hole and was used as below like a storage center.
Well our wonderful utility company has come up with a plan to remove these good working freezers and in turn they will even credit you $30. Great plan so they were to come and pick it up on Sunday.

well since I am so late with posting to my blog I can tell you this. I had planned to take a picture of the storage are that was redone but I can't get to the room. Why you ask???

well they came to take the freezer and decided they couldn't remove it from the basement. EVEN though I explained where it was, how big it was and everything to them before they came to pick it up. So NOW what. well we wait to get a couple more hands over here to drag it from the dungeon to daylight and then call in the trash department to remove it.

SAD I know I hate to not recycle it and I hate that it wont be used but at this point if it isn't removed soon from the house I will be disowned. so speak up soon if you want it. lol


  1. Will they come pick it up after you take it out of the basement? Doesn't seem fair!

  2. Post it on freecycle in you area and I bet it goes quickly. The nice thing about freecycle is that the person that wants it has to come and get it.


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