Monday, September 21, 2009

262/365 september 19

Another day of fused glass class. The above and below are before firing samples of how to fuse impressions into glass. two layers of glass are needed to do the fusing and underneath the layers is what you want to impress. My husbands is the sun and moon and below are some hearts for me. we use fiber paper to do this. This is also used if you want to keep a hole in glass or make a pocket in glass. This is mostly an experiment to show how it will turn out.

We designed, and cut wall vases. Below is mine. Not sure how the red will turn out I am not jazzed about it. notice the holes have fiber paper in them and under the clear glass is the fused paper in several layers. the clear glass will slump over the paper and seal with the green.
this is my husbands vase.
then we did some etching in diocric glass. These are my husbands. We used some using some etching rub ons.
mine is in the middle not happy with it the little rub on goobered up a bit the piece on the left was done with a sharpie pen. after we put on the rub on we put gold old fashioned etching cream on it and let it sit for a minute. pretty cool but can only be done on this special glass.
here they are after firing but still in the mini kiln.

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  1. I'm going to look for a class around here - those are so beautiful! (You are going to need a room addition to display all your incredible new pieces!)


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