Monday, September 21, 2009

261/365 september 18

tonight was the start of an advanced fused glass class my husband I took in Coeur'd Alene, Idaho at Summer's Glass. The first night we cut and put together a 6 inch plate.

The above plate is my husband's prior to firing. his is shown with the clear on the top which will fuse into and slightly over the colored glass. below is mine before firing. shown without the glass on top but will be fired with the glass.
well not a great shot but they were still in the kiln (actually the day after today) but this is after the first firing. they will then be slumped or curved over a mold to give them a bit of upturn. we wont be getting those back in a week or so when they do a slumping cycle in one of the kilns.

the little things around them are spare things they make in the shop. little dots are made to add to other projects. who would have known they start out as about a 1/4 inch square and become little round baubles. We left during the rain hubby wasn't very happy with his he but after he saw it he really liked it. Its fun to see what happens after firing.

the rain produced a beautiful rainbow that we saw on our trip home.


  1. Beautiful plates and what a great rainbow - glad you had your camera to capture it!

  2. These remind me of quilt cool!


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