Monday, May 25, 2009

138/365 May 18

today was a lazy day one of our group had to leave (sniff that was sad) so we stayed around the house most of the day only to venture to go to the airport. We did watch the birds in the backyard a bit this is a downy woodpecker (I hope) everyone saw the cardinal all week except me. well I did see a little red dot in a tree but that doesn't count in my book. After the airport we did hit a store in Dover that was fun then came home to a great meal cooked by our hosts husband. We plopped our butts in front of the TV and watched the DVR of the end of survivor, idol and dancing with the stars.


  1. What a fun lazy day! Great shot of the woodpecker and the interesting feeder!

  2. My dad would get a big kick out of this post. He's got bird feeders and bird baths in his back yard and spends hours and hours watching them. Another great pic!


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