Monday, May 25, 2009

139/365 May 19 2009

Oh I so couldn't decide on what to post for this day. So you get three of my favorites. We drove to Maine for the day thanks to our gracious hosts husband. It was awesome. I have never been to Maine before. Another state checked off my list. yahooo

So since it was Maine you have to have a light house right?? well this is Nubble light house
Our main destination in Maine (hehe) was Kennebunkport for some lobster rolls. the shack wasn't open yet so we stopped in at the landing and had the rolls there. Pure HEAVEN. Oh my gosh I just could eat that all the time. So I am told that these are actually hot dog buns just cut the wrong way. Well I have never seen them before and was totally fascinated with them

Picture isn't the best I was in a hurry to eat. But check out the bun. Never seen anything like it. It was cut from the top and flat on both sides so it could be grilled. very cool. mmmmm I am hungry again I wonder why?


  1. Hey there,

    Just thought I would help you out with the spelling of the lighthouse, it is Nubble. Also, the bun is a hotdog bun, what do you guys eat your hot dog in on the west coast?

  2. Oh Man, oh man that looks yummy -- you are making me hungry for lunch even though it's only 6:55 in the morning! Beautiful shot of the lighthouse -- looks like a postcard!

  3. I agree, the lighthouse picture DOES look like a postcard. Beautiful place, Maine... Home of Stephen King, right? The lunch looks delicious!


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