Sunday, February 15, 2009


SHOPPING. yep headed to the local mall today to get the hubby some shoes and what did I find but some good deals for MOI. First off I really don't like shopping so don't do it much. I just get very disappointed with trying things on and not finding what I like in a price I like. well today I scored. these pants at JC Penny were on the 75% off all ready reduced prices.
I got a $100 pair of pants for $5.40 with tax. they will need to be hemmed up to fit my legs but lucky for me I know an expert seamstress that will cost me nothing. Thank god for moms. lol

well there I am in all my glory or whatever you want to say. I am learning or trying to accept my appearance a little more. I thank a friend for passing on her friends 365 blog from a previous year. check it out lots of interesting self poses but what I love most is her last entry and what she discovered. I hope to feel more comfortable with myself by the end of this year as well.


  1. Lucky you for getting such a great deal and kudos for your year of discovery!

  2. Love a great deal and your self portrait is awesome!


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