Monday, February 16, 2009


So you all know the title of my blog and my email is stampmouse. I have been stampmouse for at least 10 years now. but how did it come about?? well I have always been Mouse since I was a small girl. You see I am short well in some eyes in mine I didn't think I was short till I had joined the air force and barely made it in. Gesh isn't everyone 5'1"??? lol

I got the nickname mouse when I was about 2. I had very little hair and mom put it in a pony tail high on my head and an uncle commented how I looked like a mouse. well he said more but that's politically incorrect now so I wont say that on a public blog.

so blah blah blah now about the picture. since it is my nickname I have little mice all over my house. Most are gifts like above its a big paperweight. before computers i use to read ALL the time nonstop I swear now not so much. bad me.

well no true me picture today but this is my sweater its so dry here that the hairs on it were standing on end so I thought it would be funny to post


  1. i was wondering about your name! the paperweight is cute!!

  2. I love knowing the 'why' of things - thanks for the history talk! Love that little mouse!

  3. You are my favoritest mouse ever! even over Mickey!


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