Friday, February 13, 2009


Happy Friday the 13th.

Thought about getting a picture of the number 13 but I went hiking at the local arboretum in the sun today instead. I had several shots but I liked this one best. I am not sure why but it looked so peaceful I guess.

You know the saying I know that like the back of my hand, how about I know who this is by the front of my hand. lol


  1. That is such a peaceful scene -- I think it makes the viewer want to walk back in that little path to see what's around the bend!

  2. It does look peaceful!
    Love the hand're so original with the self portraits you've been taking...I love it!

  3. Beautiful! Too funny with the self portrait!! And I love your title pic!:)

  4. That pic of the day, the boulder thingy in the back round looks like a side profile of a panda bear! At least that is what I see! LOL


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