Saturday, January 10, 2009


All the hustle and bustle is done, the presents are unwrapped and put away, Santa is headed for his vacation some place warm no doubt and its time for the decorations away. It always makes me kinda sad to take it all down. Not sure why, maybe the fact that its over, maybe the fact that you work so hard and get so much done for a month or so and its all over in an instant, but it does make me sad. Even sadder when I have to do it alone. hubby was away at guard duty and son was with his friends then work so that left just me. Normally I do this the weekend of new years but this year the shed was buried in snow so I had to wait for some melting to occur to get to the tree box.

And a frustrated me. I really really really hate phone trees. not much for a talk on the phone kind of gal but phone trees that go on forever grrrrrrrr


  1. Hey, want to come and take down my Christmas stuff? It's kinda sad that it's still up considering how little of it there really is!

  2. Ugh! I need to get all my stuff in the attic yet!


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