Wednesday, March 6, 2013

valley of fire amazing red rock

we spent a week in the Vegas area for some celebrations including a birthday party and a wedding.  One of favorite places to go while there is to the valley of fire.  its about 40 miles out of Vegas and a gorgeous red rock canyon.  my title page has a picture of the road from our trip last year.

valley of fire 2013

the entrance to the park is gorgeous set against the desert forefront and the mountains behind it with snow on them still.

the red rock and strange formations make me think it is like Mars right here on earth

valley of fire 2013

you can take the drive around the park to see the sights which is a lot of fun

valley of fire 2013

or you can get out and take a hike
valley of fire 2013

most of the hikes are not very long a mile or two at the most.  each has its only special sight to see.  i will show some more photos over the next few posts.

valley of fire 2013

yeah proof I was there

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  1. Beautiful place! Really like your last photo.


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