Thursday, March 7, 2013

red rock beauty

continued from my last post we are still in the valley of fire near las vegas.

the state park offers some stunning views even if you only drive through which include this rock that the brochure didn't list what it was called but I have named Dogma

valley of fire 2013

but if you get out of your car and take a short walk you can see the backside (well you can also take one of the campground exits to see this too but walking is much better)

valley of fire 2013

the sand is a wonderful red tone

valley of fire 2013

there are hieroglyphics through out the park as well but I was surprised to see the star ship enterprise

valley of fire 2013

just we aware of the cactus

valley of fire 2013

i stuck myself pretty good getting this shot

valley of fire 2013

but no snakes and no scorpions were found at all.  it was really to cold for them after all in Feb it didn't get above 60 but for a northern gal coming here in February was awesome

but there is more than just red rock here that will be my next post

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