Sunday, June 17, 2012

memory for fathers day

while working in the yard recently I walked over a concrete patio part for the millionth time.  But this time I stopped and brushed off the rock and decided to pull out the hose and hose off the area.  This is what was there:\\


backing up a bit I should say I live in the house my grandparents lived in since the early 60's.  when my grandma died in 2003 we acquired the house as I couldn't bare for it to go to someone else we didn't know and we moved in shortly after.

so for this fathers day I remember my grandpa marvin (my dad's dad) who passed away from complications of lung cancer in 83.  He saw me graduate high school but missed so much more.  I wish my husband and son could have met him he was a special man with so many stories that he made up.  I have many of them that I kept maybe some day I should turn them into an e-book.  he had a gift that is for sure.  he could always make you laugh.

So this concrete slab done by him with all the grand kids names on it.  myself and my two brothers in 1975.  it worn and broken but I can't bare to get rid of it.

Adding this to sweet Sunday.

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  1. oh this is as sweet as can be....what a wonderful post and tribute.....I would not be able to get rid of it either!!!!


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