Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth day Week one

Spokane river run earth day April 22 2012

Today is earth day and the day I did a 10k trail run. First time doing this and after coming off a 6 mile train yesterday I took it easy (coaches orders) and didn't want to injure myself. I came in around 15:30 a mile slow I am slow and probably could have done much better but deliberately held back. Great race beatiful sunny day. Up hills through the forest and along the river.

Will for sure hit this one again. Funds benefited a local school too.

Week one of a 52 week photo prompt. See side bar sorry cant link doing this from the iPad and having issues with that. This weeks prompt is to start something. Well I started this race and finished it any race is a good one that you finish.

Photo taken with phone and added frame from


  1. Congratulations on an amazing run - what a perfect way to celebrate.

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  3. sorry...hit the button too early

    a trail run.

    i can't think of anyplace more beautiful for a run.

    gorgeous scenery.

  4. Love this! Looks like a beautiful place for a run.

    I spent Earth Day in the mountains with my family. No better place to be.

  5. What a great achievement, and a beautiful photo.

  6. Amazing shot. Wow. Gotta get me one of those phones

  7. Good for you! Such an accomplishment!
    Thank you for linking up this week.

  8. did you run along that river? what a lovely spot!
    great job on the trail run!!!

  9. Wow! Lovely photo and how wonderful that you 'started and finished the race' ~ Congrats! ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  10. I love hiking and sometimes see runners on the trails.
    That is some run .... 10K and after a 6 mile train!
    And sweet that is was for a benefit.

  11. Congrats on running the 10k! From the image you posted, it must've been a lovely scenic run!


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