Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I spy

iphone 005

sorry haven't been blogging much life has been busy and I haven't been out with my real camera much  this was taken with my phone but serves as a reminder.

Always be looking around, you never know what you will see   I walk the mail down each day at work and take this little hill  there is a small water fountain that in the summer always has lots of birds playing in it but in the winter it is turned off  Only the yucca's stay green in the snow   I looked down and saw this pair of shoes sitting in the yucca

it made me think what were they doing there?  did someone leave them for safe keeping later as they were tucked inside a bit  maybe they are not of use anymore and left there for someone that needs them more to find?  or maybe someone decided they wanted to run barefoot and left them to come back to

 who knows, I certainly will never know but it made me think of hidden treasures  no matter what look around , up down and thru you just might find a hidden treasure

as a side note I thought I would mention I started a new blog  yeah like I need more right?  well this is not really for everyone it is something to help me keep motivated with being healthier I call it fitness mouse  mostly some ups and downs, tips and techniques and information I have found about health and fitness  my personal diary out there for everyone to see  if you are interested take a peek

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