Thursday, January 19, 2012

P52 - the Dreamer

the dreamer

the dreamer
Its starts off with a burst of energy
You continue to pound away at it with your enthusiasm
knocking any loose stones out of the way as you go
there are ups and there are downs
And long flat parts that seem to go forever
you continue to knock those stones loose
you feel like giving up
but see the end in sight and just know you can make it
and knock away a few more stones
something inside you pushes you
its that finish line in your sights that gives you strength
until finally there are no more stones
for this is your dream
you have reached your finish line
Until your next dream

this weeks P52 theme is by life with my 3 boybarians (see sidebar for link) is I dream the dream this is my interpretation

edited to add:  I had this post already to go and poof gone grrr  so in closing I just want to say as a teenager I use to write a little poetry I thought I might try writing a little more now and again and came up with this bit using a runner as a parody

the steel statue represents a big race we have here called bloomsday  since it snowed and was a blah day I added some textures by french kiss and an overlay by shadowhouse  did a bit of light rendering and added a border  


  1. Very creative photograph. Great interpretation of the word "dream". Loved the writing. I think you should write more. Definitely. :)

  2. Great interpretation of the theme and really like your processing on this shot!


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