Wednesday, January 18, 2012


before I start this post I have to make a public thank you to geri at I heart Art  check out the Like button at the bottom of my page is that cool or what?  I was having a moment one day short on time and patience and she managed to get that in place for me  Check out her blog she has some awesome work and always so very helpful she has a tutorial up on how to do this here: 

Last weekend I spent the weekend at a retreat scrap booking and making cards  I had planned to get out and take a few walks but it was cold and I am a wimp  I admit it I am a wimp  I hate to be cold 

So I shot the above with my I phone and it didn't turn out to bad I guess  i wanted to see how well they would blow up and got this:

some distortion but you can see the ice crystals so not bad at all  I think it takes better pictures then my point and shoot but not better than my D90

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