Wednesday, January 25, 2012

6 words

Another challenge in the KK Beyond Layers class was to pick our 6 words  something inspired by an Smith Magazine    we need to pick 6 that describes us

Now I have a hard time with this as I have said before but I came up with this:

6 words

live life for today not tomorrow

what does that mean well it means I try not to let my past rule my present and my future    sure our past shapes our future but its what builds us as a person  life has ups and downs, good and bad, happy and sad, if it didn't well we might as well be a rock because there would be no emotion in our lives  no sparks to keep us going to the next day

so I try to think of today as just a stepping stone for tomorrow and a new adventure awaits just on the other side of that rainbow

what is your 6 words???

side note:
picture taken in 2007 in Hoonah Alaska in the icy straight,  we were on a cruise and suppose to go to Skagway well rough seas prevented it so we changed to Hoonah at first we were sad because we had a fun train ride planned but oh were we so glad we ended up here.  to this day we talk about some of the unexpected ventures we had that day.  it was fitting to have this rainbow show up on one of those adventures some of my favorite pictures came from that little town


  1. I have no idea what my 6 words would be, but that's a good challenge. My sister has challenged me to do one of those photo a day challenges. Maybe someday I'll get to all the fancy stuff you do to your pictures. But I just have to say, you do the coolest traveling. I don't think I'll get to do any of that until I retire (we can't even seem to plan a weekend away without a year notice). :)

  2. Wow, LOVE the photograph-You did good!

  3. Hi there ... we saw you stopped by our blog and wanted to come over and say hi to you over here :) We read an earlier post here ... YAY For Westies named Duncan!!!! Also, we do a little bit of photography and a little bit of stamping too. We're glad we found you!


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