Sunday, November 27, 2011

homemade gifts

anyone making any homemade christmas gifts this year?

besides cards I am doing a few photo calendars.  Used the template from shutter sisters to make these CD calendars.  (hopefully those getting them don't see this. :) )  found a lot of places could not process these properly because they weren't the standard 4 x 6 and they wanted to crop them so that they were not usable or stretch them out.  office depot was able to correctly do them yeah now I can order the rest (these were the test 2 batches) Decided I needed to mount them on black paper though to make them look the best.


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  1. I made calanders one year, but I used pictures of the people on their birthdays and anniversarys. They were a big hit, but with my large family, it cost me a mint in ink! lol
    - ourhometoyours


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