Wednesday, October 5, 2011

magical forest

ok one more brief interuption and then back to hurricane ridge.  I just couldn't resist playing in the edit me at my reflection of something.  I had the perfect use for it. 

amy magical forest

i had this texture for a long time one of the first I downloaded unfortunetly I don't really know whose it is all i have is pareerica on flickr group will have to do some research maybe I can find it on flickr. ugh  I didn't know how to save them properly so that I could find the owner of them back then sorry.

edited to add:  the texture creater can be found here:

the original picture:

check out the other edits here:


  1. I got you linked up! :) I am absolutely, positively blown away by this edit! It is perfection... seriously! Wow...

  2. That is an awesome edit! so magical!

  3. What a creative it!

  4. I love pareeerica's textures! I found them recently, and use them often. Thanks for the link to her texture challenge on flickr.

    I love the magical feel you have created here. So unique and whimsical!


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