Tuesday, August 30, 2011

up up and away

lewiston balloon ride 2011 august_2740

so did you guess hot air balloon from yesterday?  maybe but probably not that it was in Lewiston Idaho over the snake river.

I had bought a groupon back in april to give to my husband as a fathers day gift for us to take a hot air balloon ride through adventurist air and we were originally scheduled to go on our anniversary in july but the wind or air currents were not safe so it was rescheduled to august. 

we started out at 530 in the morning and met at the airport then about a block away in a field we found our balloon almmost ready to board.  as soon as it was upright the 8 of us jumped in and took off. 

lewiston balloon ride 2011 august_2753

it was a perfect morning for a flight with the sun peaking out on us and spreading the light through the land

lewiston balloon ride 2011 august_2758

we were in the air for just over an hour

we even watched a plane take off

lewiston balloon ride 2011 august_2774

but no golfers out on the course

lewiston balloon ride 2011 august_2764

to be continued tomorrow......


  1. What an amazing adventure (wish I were brave enough to give it a try)

  2. Gorgeous shots from way up there! I don't think I would have the nerve to do it. :)


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