Wednesday, August 31, 2011

through the sky

continued from yesterday ....

the heat coming off the these was HOT

lewiston balloon ride 2011 august_2769

but you need that to keep you up
lewiston balloon ride 2011 august_2751
thats hubby by the way

we flew from lewiston Idaho over the snake river to clarkston washington

lewiston balloon ride 2011 august_2779

it was so quiet and such a smooth ride.  I have a bit of fear of heights and was a little worried at frist but it was a piece of cake flying and I would do it again.

to be continued


  1. what a view! I would like to take a hot air balloon ride, but like you, I'm not crazy about heights.

  2. That is uber cool! I wonder why your fear of heights did not bother you in the balloon?


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