Tuesday, August 16, 2011

smile - a childhood memory

As a child I went to this dentist office not far from where I live now.  Its still a dentist office though they have remodled it and I don't think you can see this sign anymore from inside.  the best i can recall it is well over 30 years old.



It use to comfort me to look outside and look up in the tree and see this sign.  No clue if it ever was part of the actual show but doesn't really matter.  shouldn't we always try to find a smile in life???


  1. A Smile can bring down furore in calm. It hepls in numerous ways.

    ANd your post certaily brought a smile on my face :)
    Keep Smiling !!!

  2. It reminds of a sign I once saw on the ceiling of my gyny's office which said 'smile if you're not wearing any underwear'!


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