Saturday, July 16, 2011

2000 pounds of meat

ever see 2000 pounds of animal?   the largest animal on the north American Continent is the Bison

montana july 2011_1847

this was one guy we saw from the car only a few feet away from me:
montana july 2011_1846

and then I guess he decided he had enough of us staring at him and decided to turn the other cheek on us.

montana july 2011_1850


  1. Wonderful! We have some of these at the ranch!

  2. How cool to see a Bison up close. They are huge!! I guess sort of like the moose that we encounter around here.
    I looked back at your last few posts and enjoyed seeing shots of Montana. Your switchback hike-you are a better woman than me...that looks like a tough hike. Hope the view was worth it.
    You asked about a frame I used on my image yesterday. That was suggested through Ashley Sisk's Rambling and Photos blog. It came from "the coffeeshop blog". Lots of frames, storyboards, etc....some free, some at cost. Check it out.

  3. There are tons of them in a national park on the way to my grandma's house. It was always amazing to see them in herds and you just hope they don't decide to band together and make you lunch!

  4. Wow, I can't believe how big he is!


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