Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

memorial day is a day to honor all Americans that have given their lives in the many wars they have served in.

painting at arlington

I was very moved by this painting when we visited Arlington Cemetery in April.  I have posted many pictures over the last few weeks and still have a few more to share from my recent visit to DC.  so many people gave their lives not only in the armed forces but civilians as well to keep us Free.  I am honored to be an American and proud to call this land mine.  I hope no one takes this for granted we are free by the blood of many and this day we honor those.


  1. this pic is really in true sense BEAUTIFUL !!

  2. This is a beautiful picture I love it. I am Canadian I am proud of our military. Freedom is good. B

  3. What a beautiful painting and lovely words.


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