Sunday, May 29, 2011

JFK flame

kennedy at arlington

just 2 things to say
 1) this is a must see  - not only for the memorial but the view from here
2) this is not my favoirte shot just the best that I took sadly.  lots of people, yucky blah weather and well I just lacked the imigination to get a good shot I think.  Need to work on that.

more facts on this check out the arlington cemetary website:


  1. I think this is a great shot the meaning is powerful. B

  2. I saw lots of things I like.
    You have a very special outlook on things and the camera know-how to bring it out.
    You complain about the crowds at the DC monuments: we were looking through our pre-digital pictures of a visit there, and on a lovely day the only people at the Lincoln memorial at 11 am, was the three of us. What is even more unusual is that we didn't think it was unusual :-)

    Why did you call the raised vegetable bed Victory garden? In the UK people were 'digging for Victory' when they used their lawn for growing food during WWII.


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