Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today's song is one that reminds you of someone.  I was so glad to hear this on the list but then panicked trying to figure out how I would reproduce it.  I wonder how many clues you will need to figure out this song.


This song reminds me of my son everytime I hear it. 

Not sure exactly why other then I see his style of thoughts in this muscians words and maybe he even looks a little like him too.  my son plays drums and while most of his music is NOT like this song at all he could do it. 

the moon was taken by me during this years supermoon day in march.  Then I added a texture layer by pareerica on flicker and then an overlay mask for the border by shadowhouse

ok some clues:
these are not stars

the bad has a bird name in it

the song is heard currently on the radio but is from last year

the moon has nothing to do with the song just thought it would be cool in teh picture.

the video is clever and also reminds me of my son.

so do you know yet???

its fireflys by owl city. 

in case link or embedded video is not working  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psuRGfAaju4

what is a song that reminds you of someone?


  1. I was going to guess the song "Yellow" by Coldplay. This song is so catchy.

  2. Fun song choice for your son!


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