Monday, March 28, 2011



another class project from kim klassen's skinny minny course using adjustment layers, textures and masks.  I so learned something new 'screen" wow cool now my textures work

this daffodil was actually taken on a light box in the dark around midnight a couple of nights ago added a couple of different masks including a bight bokeh I found but can't remember where i found it on the web.  Normally i rename my masks and textures with where I got them like the rim is by shadowhouse but darn it this was one of the first in my collection and I don't remember where i found it.  This daffodil was part of a test I was trying but haven't done the rest the rest of the test yet need to figure that part out in photoshop too.

hope you are enjoying my words and quotes this month.  along with my experimenting.  Next month is music month.

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  1. I like the textures you used on this one. I also really like the new header. Good job.


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