Monday, February 28, 2011



take a moment out of every day and say thanks to someone

Thanks is a small word but a word that so many seem to have forgotten.  It has always been a pet peeve of mine to say thanks.  one of the most important things we teach our children is to say please and thank you but yet how many times have you seen someone as an adult not say thanks. 

I have heard comments like why say thanks to someone like a clerk at a store or waitress its their job.  true it is their job but how many times have you gone above and beyond or even accomplished something at work or at home only to have your boss, coworker, spouse or children say nothing and how does it make you feel?  isn't that really the same thing?  We are all on this earth a precious short time lets make the most of it. Apreciating each other is a basic and small way to show you care. 

so I just wanted to say thanks.  thanks to everyone in my life directly and indirectly because we all effect each others lives some in big ways and some by just putting a smile on our face. 

Lastly with this picture word post I want to lead into March with a personal challenge for my photography.  words and quotes and adding them to my work.  i hope you enjoy them and leave a comment when you can or not but come away with a smile.


  1. Thanks to you too! You bring a bit of home back into my life with your pictures...Always makes me smile~♥

  2. This is a fantastic photo! Love the whole concept of the photo. Looking at it, it makes me think that all the other letters are the other things that I say - all mixed up together they don't say much - yet the word "thanks" is so important and should be a focus of what I do say and think! Thank you for the reminder. I really think this photo would win an award - it really speaks for itself.

    Having looked through some of your photos on your Blog, I am in awe of your talent! Can I be bold in suggesting that it would be worth adding some sort of copyright on your photos so that no-one else "lifts" them and claims them as their own? I do with my flower photos - I don't worry about my cards so much. Hope you don't mind my suggesting it.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my Blog today and for your lovely comments about my Bunnies and strawberries painting - I really appreciate it :-)


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